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Traditional Tango

  • $20 Drop-in Beginner Series

  • $20.00 - Thursday Intermediate Clinic (This includes Practica!)

  • $10.00 - Thursday Practica

  • $15.00 - Tango Hop

  • $15.00 - Tango and Toast

Tango Private Lessons

  • $85.00 Single Lesson

  • $300.00 Package of 4 Lessons

  • $560.00 Package of 8 Lessons


Lori Coyle

Lori Coyle

As a dancer, Lori is known for her grace and strength. A student of movement arts for a lifetime and a devoted tango dancer, Lori can race a motorcycle as readily as she can lead and follow a beautiful back boleo. She believes that there is no technique without connection and no connection without technique, leaving Lori known for her sensual connectedness as a follower and as a leader. As a teacher, Lori is clear and compassionate and a master at building community. Her 25+ years as a teacher of many arts gives her the opportunity to build curriculum that leads to educated dancers that treasure connection. She teaches for the University of Pennsylvania Tango Club, Swarthmore Tango Club, Delaware County Community College and was the owner of Sangha Space. No matter where she is, her passion for teaching finds a home on the tango dance floor.

Lori Coyle

Lori Coyle

Lori Coyle

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In 2005 I started our first social dance, Tango Hop. The goal was to bring the joyful, fascinating experience of Argentine Tango dancing to the town I love, Media, PA. And from this event a community of local dancers began to grow and we all began to move together. And we are still learning, learning to communicate in this word-free language of Traditional Tango. Join us for weekly classes, monthly events and special guests from around the globe.


Our events and classes are traveling to beautiful locations in the Media area. Our classes on Thursdays are RSVP for students that want to learn. Please send an email to for details and directions if you want to attend on Thursday.

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