3 Ways to Beat the Winter Time Blues When You get Snowed In

It is here.  It is being said. The words that drive people to go to the grocery store in droves for bread, milk and eggs, the words that make everyone’s backs hurt at the mere thought of shoveling.

“Snow is coming.”

Once it is here, what can we do but wallow in our houses for the next two months, just waiting for the first inkling that spring is on it’s way? Fear not! We are resourceful creatures, here are some things I keep in mind as I wait for spring to arrive, the same way we wait for the pizza guy when we are most hungry.

Do Something For YOU, whether you are alone or with your family, make sure you do you. I know, it can be hard to ignore the dust bunnies, the requests for food or a million other chores you may be itching to knock off that list, but remember you have time. Maybe half way down that list, put in a time slot for you. This is not a day for constant labor just because you might not be at work. My favorite thing is to give myself a foot soak. Epsom Salts, maybe some lavender essential oil and a good book take care of your body and your mind.

Take a Step Outside. What? Do you think I am crazy? The time spent outside does not have to be long. Believe me I am not a cold weather person, but if you bundle up, and maybe even bring a warm mug of tea; the cold really isn’t so bad. Stepping out away from others, from laptops, TVs and phones, all there is left is fresh air and if you time it right (not being out while the roads are being plowed!) you can even hear the snow fall. After your moment or two of zen you can also salt the walk way, you know, because you’re already there.

Enjoy What is Right There In Front of You. It could be your family, or your refrigerator, or even both! Take this time to enjoy your family, or the time alone.  Learn something new, recipes, origami or revisit something you love, a game, some story reading (may I suggest mythology?). If you have access, listen to or play music! My favorite is making all the comfort food (potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!)

No matter your situation, there are endless possibilities to keep from going completely stir crazy from cabin fever! It just takes some thinking out side of the box, while you are stuck in one! The main lesson is to do things you enjoy from time to time and stay in the moment, even if the power goes out.  It will be beach weather in no time!

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