A Day at Yoga Camp

What to eat?! When I realized I had a full day at the studio ahead of me, my concern immediately focused on feeding myself. Throwing a small mountain of rice into a Tupperware was just what I needed and I swung open the door only in the way someone would when they are thinking “Good morning, world! Today is yoga day!”

After the usual morning practice, we began to gather and prepare ourselves for the playful work ahead. Notebooks and water bottles at the ready, we were a small army amassed to do something larger than ourselves. Someone commented very accurately “This feels like yoga summer camp!”

Sangha Space’s Grow Yoga Intensive had begun.

Fourteen people looks like a much larger group in person, I found out, as we arranged ourselves in a circle for a tea ceremony, served by Pamela. Turns out serving fourteen people is no small feat, but it is indeed possible.

After an introduction and discussion, we began our practice. Slightly longer than an average class, we worked our muscles with a little more depth. After a long series of partner and group practice, we retired to a plentiful array of foods, shared with laughter and playful whimsy found amongst children during recess, or work friends going out together after-hours.

Contact improvisation being another movement practice, we experimented with some fun exercises that kept us dancing and working together. When we were all tuckered out, we were lead through a long, thorough savasana meditation that surprised a few of us with body parts going numb, few of us dozing, and an abundance of relaxation and healing.

Afterwards, we were tired in the way you might be tired after a full day of using your body with good company. I get that feeling if I’ve spent all day swimming in a pool with friends, snowboarding down a mountain and laughing all the while, or hiking so long you lost track of the time of day because you became absorbed in the trees and captivating conversation. It feels exquisitely satisfying to use your body all day long with people to share the experience with.

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