A Day in the Life of Bridget’s Wardrobe

The writing prompt: What do the clothes you are wearing now say about you?


It’s Wednesday. Thursday. Oh boy.

So I worked at camp and needed to wear my mustard yellow camp t-shirt.

But I had booked a spa appointment after work just for me!

So I wanted to look more like me and not like a camp counselor clone.

I chose to wear my Athleta MC Hammer pants — my most comfortable article of clothing. Also, possibly, THE #1 piece of clothing that makes me feel sexiest. My best friend in college begged me not to wear these on a first date. I didn’t. The blue dress I wore instead definitely worked though.

My heeled sandals — dressy, yet casual and comfy.

A beige tank top top — clean yet mature and professional.

Pale green earrings from mom, a birthday gift from last year. Subtle color.

I like to think the outfit all together says that I’m…






older than I look (because I’ve dressed up, see?)


…. while being “fuck – you” comfortable

(as in, here I am appearing to be dressed up but I could take the most glorious nap in this outfit.)

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