A Yoga Teacher Training Debrief

During our Grow Yoga training, we participated in a vulnerability circle activity.  During this activity, participants sat in a circle, and one person traveled around the inside of the circle to make a personal connection with each person.  When traveling the inside of the circle, participant would have to repeat an affirmation to each person until the person on the outside of the circle showed that they believed the person repeating the affirmation.

This was a very emotional activity because participants had to repeat affirmations that they may not truly believe about themselves or were areas that they did not feel confident about.  My affirmation was that “I have an open heart.” Though I do feel that I have an open heart in many areas of my life, I feel that my heart is not fully open in other areas.  I did not feel a true connection to my affirmation, so it was not as emotional to me as others affirmations were.  I wish that I could have said an affirmation that I have been working on in my personal life, which is the ability to trust myself and my decisions.  I find myself avoiding making decisions, because I am scared to make the wrong decision.  I think that this portion of the activity would have been much more meaningful to me if we were able to choose our affirmations.  I do, however, understand the decision to provide affirmations to the participants because it is very hard to choose a meaningful and inspirational affirmation without having prior experience with the activity.  In addition, it can be difficult to open up to new people, so choosing an affirmation may have been difficult for that reason.

There were two very emotional parts of the vulnerability circle for me.  The first was watching other participants becoming emotional while participating in the circle. I felt so connected to the others in my class, so watching them become emotional was very emotional for me.     Another emotional part of the vulnerability circle for me was after I completed the rotation around the circle.  After traveling around the circle, participants sat in the center of the circle while everyone touched them and told them a time where they saw them exhibit a characteristic of their affirmation.  I felt so touched at the stories that my classmates remembered about me, their perceptions of me,  and the ways that we have touched each other’s lives.

Overall, I think that the vulnerability was an amazing experience.  It was very emotionally taxing, however, the bond that I formed with my classmates and with myself during the experience was amazing.

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