Another reason ….

Reason #863 why Sangha Space is so awesome:
We have super stellar instructors! Besides our guest teachers, these four people are the ones I have had the pleasure of learning from at Sangha Space:
L is gentle. She’s a feeler. She asks questions. She knows that how you feel affects how you move and vice versa. I appreciate that she strives to dance with everyone in a class in order to teach them effectively.
S is a thinker. He is thorough in explaining concepts and uses words in a group lesson. One on one, he takes that same amount of time instead to show you. What he might spend 2-3 minutes explaining using words to a group, he takes a whole song to move with you and dance one on one.
E is technical in the way that he can define the music of the dance. He is practical and easy, meaning he can simplify a daunting task. This is especially helpful in terms of musicality. He defined the beat in the first lesson I had with him and I reacted like, “Oh. That’s it. Ok, I can do that!”
A is supportive.  Your cinnamon in your coffee. She is the basil and oregano in your Greek salad. Your honey in your tea. She adds a statement or two to clear up confusion and she LAUGHS. She keeps things light-hearted.

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