Beauty and beauty: What’s the difference?

Us Women.

I like women. I like looking at them, talking with them, and being affectionate with them. The bonds that I have with the women in my life are completely unique. It’s like an unwritten, uncategorized kismet.

I went to the New Moon Gathering at the studio this past month and I was reminded of how powerfully linked women have been to one another throughout history. There is something so special about women gathering together on a consistent basis that has happened across time, culture, and geography. It’s the women who have been seeking the presence of other women during, or for, a greater purpose. (Spoiler: usually, they are getting together because they are all having their periods at the same time. Check out The Red Tent by Anita Diamant!)

As I listened to all these women, I thought about what beauty is. There are so many definitions out there….fabricated and real, media-based and expectation-based. As each woman shared their intentions for the month, it seemed as if they each held their own beauty. Only they could define it.

Yet they were continuously, exhaustedly working toward a greater Beauty. Maybe next month I will be more beautiful if I follow with this intention….

All of us are working toward Beauty, even though we already hold our own beauty. A beauty that is all ours, completely unique. Like snowflakes. Or, I don’t know, OUR DNA.

I know three women that I think “have it all together” and they are similar in one way: they always have a cute outfit on from head to two (how do they accessorize so well ALL THE TIME?) and they always have a face of tastefully stylish makeup on. They are a walking work of art. They put a good deal of time into themselves…though, they’ve had a lot of practice. What takes them a half hour would take me a considerably longer time to brainstorm, try on, and decide. These ladies are GOOD at looking good. I appreciate them.

For me, my beauty is entirely different. I appreciate this kind of beauty that they have but I’m finally content in not comparing. Spending time with them, I can walk away feeling very good about my own beauty rather than feeling “less” beautiful because I do not hold the same beauty they do. There are still some days when it’s tough not to leave with the feeling that they dressed nicer than I did. However, they inspire me to try the style out. Not their beauty, I’ve got my own.

For cryin’ out loud, we’re all different! Why are we trying to hold the same Beauty?! Don’t you see how that tears you apart, cuts you into pieces, and makes you hide parts of yourself? Sometimes literally.

What if we behaved like we already are beautiful? Would there be less selfies or more selfies? Would we not care about how we “showcase” our beauty or how others showcase theirs?

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