Broken Heart Syndrome


“They say you can die of a broken heart and I believe it”… 

The words coming from the television drew me in. I stopped to watch during my usual hectic morning routine. On the news, Doug Flutie spoke about losing both parents to heart attacks. His father had been ill in the hospital and passed away, one hour later his mother suddenly followed. They were happily married for fifty six years, raised children, enjoyed grandchildren and lived fulfilling lives. While some may consider this tragic, I thought what a perfect end to a beautiful love story.

My love story began at the tender age of twelve when I met Jake. He was my first “boyfriend.” Immediately it was love, I adored him and he made me laugh. Over time, different schools and circles of friends pulled us apart but fate had a way of bringing us back together. We realized we belonged together and have been ever since.

Jake is my best friend. Always by my side loving me on my best and my worst days, I can’t imagine my life without him. I love our little family. We have two awesome sons and I know we will be amazing grandparents when the time comes.

I have been blessed with the gift of true love. While grateful, I cannot help at times but to worry about the loss of my soul mate. Who will I drink coffee with and say good night to? The routine of everyday life that is often taken for granted would never be the same. Could it be possible to mend both the heart and mind to carry on? Would doing so feel like a curse?

When one’s soul has lived a life full of love and joy, existence is complete. No need to prolong the journey because the mission has been accomplished. Life does not give us the choice to edit how our lives end. If you could write the perfect conclusion to your love story, what would it be? Dying of a broken heart would work for me.

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