Change. Adventure. Together(ness).

It’s funny to me how change happens. When it happens. Why it happens. The rate at which it accelerates over time.

People are always changing. Always evolving. And yet, somehow we seem to miss it and all of a sudden, one day, we noticed how greatly someone has changed. For better or worse.

Can I accept these changes? In myself? But especially in others? Can I say, “ok, I accept who you are now and who you will be in the future and the choices you make”?

Yup….don’t know these answers. I am wrestling with them and struggling to be proactive rather than reactive to the changes I don’t like.

In any case, all of it…the good and the seemingly bad is one big adventure. It’s like a process of continually discovering. Discovering me. Discovering others. Intimately getting to know people in whatever time I have.

Tango gives us this brief period of intimately knowing. I mean, let’s be real…getting all up in a sweaty embrace with someone, dancing all night long, returning home in the wee hours and sometimes the next morning,….we are exploring and discovering. We learn an infinite deal about a dance that is continuously evolving. The people involved are changing. And this change isn’t completely evident to us by simply checking facebook. Keeping up with these changes means that we give a lot and we receive a LOT. We devote time and patience and kindness and understanding and love and compassion to changing as a collective unit. We give our whole personalities and our bodies to challenge this change. Or to encourage it.

Change is natural. However much we try to resist it or avoid it.

So what was your experience like with change this week? In what way did it cause you to think differently than before? How did you feel when faced with a change?


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