Chasing the Old to Create the New

I used to be a runner before I became a tanguera and a yogi. I ran on my high school’s cross-country team mostly to get strong and create bonds with my classmates. I loved the comraderie of our team and all of the discoveries we made and adventures we had while we trained for the season. And I absolutely loved our traditions of pasta dinners before races and Saturday afternoon pancakes after long runs, but I digress…

My body isn’t the same as it was then. My plantar fasciitis flares up easily when I start to run and I have a weak IT band that feels like someone stabbed a knife into the outside side of my knee 15 minutes into a run. I hate waking up and telling myself, “You have to run today.” Running alone is much harder than meeting your teammates and running together.

I recently started a dog walking business and one old-but-young husky helped me to slow down and take care of myself. At first, we only ran for 5 minutes together. The next week it turned into 10 minutes, the week after that 15, slowly increasing the time in small enough increments so that my body had the time to build and nurture itself in just the way it needed to.

From this, I learned that I like to jump into new plans and dreams like a cannonball off the high dive. No prep, no warm-up, just do it.

But some things, probably most things, need some time and tender loving care.

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