Community – That’s what I’m thankful for.

Over Thanksgiving, I was thinking of the community we have here at Sangha Space and what makes us just so awesome. (It’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you.) The most obvious reason we are a community is that we are working together to achieve a common goal, specifically to connect to each other through the Argentine tango.


You and me. And you who are here as often as possible. And you just love to dance. And you and you and also you who have not yet come (but if I may persuade you, you should. Check it out and give it a try. You never know what could happen). My point is that this ‘we’ that I’m talking about can’t exist without individual people that come to share something, or contribute something to the larger group as a whole.

You know L as a maestro of sorts. She’s the wonderful being that dreams and coordinates and makes things happen. She teaches.

G welcomes and invites. He’s that first face you see when you walk up the steps and sign in. He’s kind of got the big role of making the first impression and frankly, he does a fine job. Say hi to him.

J is also a first face on Thursday nights. And you just can’t help but return a smile to hers when she greets you; she’s that lovely and kind. Oh, and then she takes your money so we can keep this place running! 🙂

T encourages. Oh he is so great with words that encouragement is just delightful! Even if you both weren’t on your game tonight and the dance wasn’t the best, he still makes you feel like you had a great time!

D brings it. Literally. She brings the food. The sustenance. She provides. And she provides well. (Take one slice of her banana bread and magically you are inhaling your 5th piece. I’d say it’s dangerous but it’s too good to be anything more than amazing.)

E is Sangha’s honored guest. You’ve seen him at the Tango Jam playing music that we can all dance to.

These are just a few people that make this place a community! You really should come and see all of the amazing things people do. What is it that you do?

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