In class this week, Lori said, “Our goal is not to do our own stuff in front of each other, but to do stuff together.” I’ve also heard Bob Goff, President and Founder of Restore International, put it this way: “Everyone is in the parade but no one is watching.” Both of these quotes are talking about your connection to yourself but the lack of connection to your partner and those around you.

I think we can get so wrapped up in our own things and then we don’t take time to check in with those that are in our lives. When they seem to be short or inattentive or we think they are not caring, the best way to start to reconnect with them is simply by asking “How are you?” Chances are…something hasn’t been feeling good with them and ‘together’-ness hasn’t been happening. So how can you work together to change that? Or, as it applies to tango, to change directions somehow toward a safer, healthier, more comfortable space?

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