Connection and Community

I felt like this week was a very relaxed week for me! There was no
pressure to get things right or to learn a new step quickly. I had the most enjoyable time just dancing with each person in class and at the Thursday night workshop and practica. It wasn’t about getting steps  exactly right. It was about connecting with one another and simply cherishing the community that Sangha Space creates. That’s one of the many things I have appreciated here; no one is going to look down on you for taking a long time learning a step. Everyone is so patient and kind and willing to help you learn at your own pace. Especially T. Dance with him!

I was talking with the wonderful woman who makes it all happen here at Sangha Space: L. We were talking about how we, as human beings, thrive on social interactions. Here L and I were, both of us
sitting with our phones in front of us on the table. We were
physically with one another in the same space and we had a world of virtual connections within reach. There are so many ways for us to connect with people that we know, that we want to know, that we maybe would rather not know virtually. We have our cell phones, the internet, skype, etc. We don’t have to be physically near each other to connect. And yet, that physical closeness is the best way to communicate. After all, they say 80% of communication is non-verbal. So where is the future of tango headed? A community that thrives on physical touch and the closeness of an embrace, in the middle of all of these virtual advances. How does the seed of community get planted?
How does community grow?

I don’t have these answers but I do know that I have the tango bug. There’s something more soul-satisfying in being fully present in a conversation face-to-face compared to a phone call or a few messages exchanged via email or other social media networks. (However, I have been anxiously awaiting my invite to use google+…)

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