“…..dancing with someone new is like wearing a new pair of shoes.”

Strangers. Stranger danger!
Isn’t that what we’re taught at a young age? So here we are, at a social dancing event, and it is perfectly ok AND, IN FACT, encouraged to dance with complete strangers.
So get over that fact and move on to the point that dancing with someone new is like wearing a new pair of shoes. Maybe they’re like your old ones. Maybe in some ways they are not. But you spend time with them and figure out how they are going to be a part of you…an extension of your body. How they look, how they feel on your feet, and how they feel against the floor. Speaking from a woman’s perspective, this is the primary criteria that has to be evaluated when purchasing a pair of heels. Though of course, we often sacrifice comfort for looks. DO NOT DO THIS ON THE DANCE FLOOR WITH A NEW PERSON. There are a lot of things that hold us back from experiencing new things; our insecurities, uncertainties, shyness, intimidation,….shoes should never be one of them. But I digress. Speaking out of experience, I’m challenging you to dance with someone you don’t know and give them a chance. Embrace the fact that it can be both terrifying and exciting (but embrace exciting more!) and go for it. Allow a song to go by and BREATHE. Find your level of comfort in the embrace. If for some reason, the dance is harmful to you or highly unpleasant, say “thank you” and don’t be discouraged. Go grab someone you know and dance with someone new later on! Maybe in some ways this new dancer could be like someone you’re familiar with. Maybe they’re not. You’ll never learn if you don’t try.

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