Do you believe in signs?

Do you believe in signs? Like the universe is telling you to go ahead (or not) with something in some small way? I prefer to get these memos in the big, fluorescent, obvious, hit-me-over-the-head, neon kind. But whatever….something is giving you the hint to do something. That’s the concept.

Except, it occurred to me that signs are our way of saying we want someone else to show it to us….rather than pursuing that answer our own way, in an opportune time. Maybe because we’re tired of the effort of looking, searching, asking, pleading, hoping.

I heard this phrase in class this week that sort of made me tilt my head to the side in a dramatic moment of reconsideration….

“Something like this is not going to get the results you want.”


This has got to be, like, a sign! Yeah?


A teacher can demonstrate the best, or worst, or various ways to get a certain result.

When we are on our own, trying to figure it out, it usually takes longer….amplified with a whole bundle of emotions such as celebration, frustration, intent, determination, dejection, positive affirmation, feeling overwhelmed, with an abusive inner dialogue mixed in from time to time. Why are all of these things present when we’re doing it on our own but they are barely there when we receive the instruction from the teacher?

So the teacher demonstrates what we will do. Then exaggerates the difficult way to do it (note: I did not say ‘the wrong way’ to do it) and says that phrase: “Something like this is not going to get the results you want.”

… so how do we know when we’re doing it right?? How do we know we are being good to ourselves? How do we know we are making the “right” life/work/tango/research decisions?

What do you know that I may not? What do I know that you may not? Is knowing really just about sharing a story?

Hmm! These questions are your sign to leave a comment while you’re here and drop a bit of what you know. Or wonder. Or what these musings have triggered for you.

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