Eden, Rediscovered: Part II

….(continued) The next one is slightly humid. There are two rows of five trees with braided trunks and long, bright, translucent green oval leaves. At midday, the sun turns the leaves gold and he has to remind himself everyday that these leaves are the least sustainable. They are not worth collecting. He stands still for a moment, which isn’t a feat for him, and just as quickly as the leaves shone gold, they dissolve into the humid air that the sun brought. The trees above are bare. The leaves cannot be harvested and sustained. This greenhouse does not have what he needs. He moves on.

The next greenhouse, Time grows. More accurately, its growth is elusive and constant all at once. The greenhouse itself appears happy, content, and empty and full. He spends a finite amount there as the air is the purest and clears his lungs. This greenhouse seems to keep time for the people that live around the greenhouses. Some people seem to have been there a long time, others seem to have just arrived, and there are a few people who look quite similar to characters in stories children read. On another morning a few months ago, he thought he even saw Amelia Earhart fingering the branches and the flowers inside, bringing her nose to a few petals here and there. He is not in a rush but he is aware of when he needs to move to the next greenhouse. On the way out, he presses the door closed with his palm and pauses with his eyes closed. He keeps moving.

Patience grows in the next greenhouse. This one looks like a fortress as it is the oldest and the roots of the large redwood trees wrap around the old stone facade like a supportive embrace. This greenhouse has been growing patience far longer than anything else contained in the other greenhouses. The wood beams across the top are barely seen as wisteria as grown so thickly and created a canopy ceiling of light sunset colors. The greenhouse’s dedication and hard work shows in the intricate way the trees and the stone are intertwined with one another. For him, this one feels like home. The most beautiful, the most everlasting…but he keeps on moving.

He is intrigued by the next greenhouse the most. It never looks the same. Its needs are constantly changing in size. It has the Goldilocks Effect – it’s always just right. This greenhouse is where Room grows. He moves at the same sloth speed but his heart beats a little quicker. It is exciting to open this door and see something different each day. He can never predict it. One day, the greenhouse was as small as a cupboard and he found a mortar and pestle that he would need for his evening meal later on. Another day, the greenhouse grew to be the size of a banquet hall complete with a chandelier made of sunflowers. He joined a great dinner that night and did, indeed, sit across the table from that old chap – The Old Man and the Sea. He and Earnest talked long into the night under the sunflower chandelier. In all of his days visiting these greenhouses, he was beginning to wonder if this greenhouse reflected the Room he needed that day. Some days his emotional, spiritual, and physical needs seemed to be so big that he did not have enough room in his simple treehouse. Other days, he was not for want and a cupboard suited his psyche just fine. On this day, the greenhouse was of medium size upon entry but it contained only one Victorian style sitting sofa made of wicker and wheat. He chose to recline for some time and allowed his thoughts to ruminate and reflect upon his needs. He was setting an intention and preparing for the final greenhouse. After he felt “just right”, he moved on.

The final greenhouse grew Love. He worked in this greenhouse. He put in Time and Patience so that the relationships in his life would develop and be nurtured. This greenhouse contained indescribable things, wondrous things, things that made you speechless and valued and treasured. Buds of laughter opened up from stems of communication and the roots bonded deeper into soil. He noticed that love sometimes grew in stages; the initial meeting, puppy love, the vulnerability, the everlasting stage. Other times, Love seemed to be instilled, anticipating the arrival of one to receive the sweet nectar of its honeysuckle.

This greenhouse always gave him something to take with him as he continued on his day. He usually found company for dinner along his way back to his treehouse: a new friend who lingered too long in the gold greenhouse, a furry creature who sniffed and sniffed but could not open a greenhouse door to find the sustenance he needed, a teacher who cured and helped the foliage of Love to grow. With all of his dinner company, he always went to bed with new knowledge to chew on. Perhaps that’s why he moved so slowly, he was always mulling over what he learned, allowing it to soak in like he was a sponge.

Today, he approached the ornate, carved marble doors with a smile. He had the feeling that all of his time here in this Eden so far brought him to this moment. Who would he meet tonight? The Creator himself?

To be continued in Part III…


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