Eden, Rediscovered: Part III

(continued)…He pushed the doors open and ran into the space. A small golden dog was running toward him. He laughed and found himself in a squat with his arms open. The little dog was smiling so big, his excitement sent his tail wagging so energetically that the man thought he might take off into the air.

“Hello! Hello! Hi, hi, hi! You have a little helicopter butt!” He said, laughing. The little dog bounced up just enough to lick the bottom of the man’s nose.

“Hi, Dad.”

The man looked up. The little dog’s helicopter butt went double speed. If the man didn’t already know gravity kept the dog on the ground, he would have believed the dog could lift from the ground by the power of his spinning tail. His first born daughter, now taller, her curly hair is more relaxed, her once scrawny limbs now had a little more build to them, was squatting before him as the little dog bounced between them for greetings. She looked at him, hoping for change, hoping for his undivided attention….

His smile expanded and his eyes leaked with joy tears. Before he came to Eden, he didn’t know that being the father of a daughter meant more than paying for school, a roof over their heads, and dinner on the table. In Eden, he learned that he is never done gaining Knowledge. He can always seek it without guilt, fear, and shame. He learned that Money wasn’t worth harvesting because it was impossible to store and gain life-giving satisfaction from. He learned that Time never rushes – he has been preparing for this reunion in the time that he has been here. He learned that Patience is what he needed to be a good father, patience to let his daughter make her own decisions rather than losing patience when he thought she was making the wrong choices. Patience in accepting his daughter for who she was becoming. Patience towards himself for who he was becoming all those years. He learned to grow Room in his life for all the good things, the positive things, the life-giving conversations and relationships. He learned to make smaller Room for the things that crippled him, the thoughts that burdened him, and the money that didn’t mean anything when he collected it or bought love with it.

Finally, finally, he learned about Love. Love asks questions. Love learns. Love seeks emotional understanding, not just knowledge that comes from singular experience. Love needs Time. Love requires patience. Love makes lots and lots of Room.

That moment, he and his daughter sat for a long time in his treehouse. They played with the little dog who felt like a portable conduit of Love that fueled their relationship and connected them once more. He asked questions all evening, eager to hear what she had to say. She told him about everything: her little house, her little dog, her passions, her dreams, her thoughts, her opinions, her feelings.

And finally, because he now could, he listened.

Eden tasted magnificent that night.


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