Eden wasn’t a myth. [ ] Eden is here.

As a theatre minor, I took a Children’s Theatre class in college. It wasn’t just all puppets and drawing. Each class we were encouraged to see things with different eyes. Kids have the amazing ability to treat every day and activity as THE COOLEST THING EVER. It’s like the activity they are engaged in is the most wonderful thing to ever happen. They are completely emmersed in the discovery and wonder of life.

We lose this as adults somewhere along the line. It’s like we accept that Eden has come and gone. Instead, I wonder how vibrant life would seem if we saw it through this “Eden lens”. Or this wonder and discovery lens. As if Eden wasn’t a myth. Life is so cool! Eden is here. Now. Everything is new and exciting.

I want eyes like that. Looking at everything with wonder, yearning for discovery.

I’m all about connecting with my inner child this way 🙂


  • Steve McLain

    • Sep 04, 2012

    I recently bought an old copy of a book that I read to my daughter when she was three and started to read herself. I’m rereading it and having the most intense flashbacks of lying in bed with her, her head at my feet. I remember clearly our reactions to the story even though she can’t recall them now. It is Eden.

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