Everyone is Divine

Illusions: Confessions of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach, challenges the reader’s notion of reality and the points to divinity within all beings. It is empowering to understand that we are all our own higher power, and reading the book inspires an existential calm. Aside from being well written and entertaining, it left me with more clarity regarding how we are powerful beyond measure, creating our own lives, always having the option to quit or change the illusion in some way.

As I lie back to take a sip of wisdom from this book, I reflect on how the author’s words ring true. I have created my situation quite purposefully. I choose my lifestyle and how I arrange my day. I choose to be contented by my choices, even. After paring down things I didn’t need in life, the things I love shone brighter and in turn I appreciate them more. There is an intangible gleam developing, as my environment feels my love and gratitude.

I greet my dog as she meanders over and plops down with a long sigh. As I wait for her to levitate her gnawing antler, I take a crack at it; maybe it will come more easily as a team effort. Outside the pumpkins are already growing and I am now considering performing the rites of magic them grow, like what was depicted in “My Neighbor Totoro;” making the motions of pulling the plant forth from the ground, with great purpose and physical effort. Imagining pumpkins as big as a me, I head for the garden with my newfound superpowers!


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