Filling Time

I’ve never before thought of time as a vessel, but I like it. It’s a vessel that I fill with all the pieces of me. So, maybe when I feel like I don’t have enough time, it’s not an issue of linear progression, but an issue of volume. At these times my vessel is simply full, and to add anything else in – to make more time – I really have to make more room. I have to remove something, at least temporarily, to add something new.

I imagine my time vessel as a shape shifter, changing to reflect what it’s filled with at any moment. Mine is an amorphous thing, whirling and swaying to its own beat.

For now.

It moves because I do.

I fill my time vessel with dance and martial arts and yoga and hiking. It takes on the shape of these movements. A smooth pivot, a sharp block, a fast twirl, a brisk pace, a balanced stretch. It will soon change again as I pick up new pieces – learn new things – and put them in too.

It changes because I do.

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