Hand Hugs :D

Holding hands. Seems like a funny concept to me this week. In life and in tango, there’s always many ways to do things. Some ways work, some ways are awkward, some ways feel just right, some ways are uncomfortable., some ways feel magical, and some ways simply work really well.

In tango, we’ve got some hand-holding going on. And for the sake of embracing life with humor, I am going to break down each of the types of hand holding I have seen this week.

The death grip. You know you have experienced this when you finish dancing a song and try to inconspicuously shake out your hand or rub the parts that need blood to flow back into them. Take a deep breath. Relax. This may be you. If it is your partner, loosening up your hand/embrace might be a subtle cue to your partner to loosen up their tight hold as well.

The high five. This couple is hot shit. They dance and don’t even need to have a hand hug going on in their embrace. They just need a high five cause they are that awesome.

The hangman. This is the leader that has their left hand all the way up to high heaven. The leader looks like they are giving a high five to the sky…..but the follower’s hand is sorta left with just a few fingers in contact with the leaders palm.

The waiter. This leader must have experience with balancing a plate or something in a previous life. They hold their follower’s hand like they are balancing a plate of Grandma’s best china. In my experience, this works quite nicely. Though I get the funnies when I imagine that in my head and have to surpress a laugh.

The tea drinker. This leader obviously has tea time everyday. They dance with their pink up in the air, not making as much contact as the rest of their fingers on their followers hand. Classy dancer.

The Shazam. It’s as if this leader is Emeril from the food network. Famous for saying “BAM!” and ‘kicking it up a notch’ in the kitchen, Emeril is a very hands-centric guy. In terms of tango leaders’ left hands, this looks like a middle-five. The hand is completely open and just assuming the follower will have their right hand all snug and cuddly. It’s almost like ‘the high five’ mentioned above, except one person did not get the memo.

The cramp. This leader reminds me of the monsters that hid in my closet as a kid. The ones that I would imagine jumping out and growling with their furry, clawed paws high up in the air ready to attack. The follower is left holding this crippling hand in the most, uncomfortable, wrist-bending, arm-tiring way. Not fun.

The cell phone. This is nice. This is super comfortable. We hold cell phones to our ears all day. This hold is familiar. We can work with this.

What kind of “hand hugs” have you encountered? 🙂

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