Argentine Tango Coursework and Start Dates

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AT-01: Intro to Argentine Tango
$150/person and then FREE after graduation

No matter how many left feet you claim to have, this is the course for you. Really. We promise. All you need to do is show up, smile, give yourself permission to have fun and spread the love of movement by encouraging yourself and others. No partner necessary, all are welcome. You will learn to lead and follow and dance with everyone in the class! Here are some Beginner Tango FAQs.

  • SHOW UP FOR ALL CLASSES… you can miss only one and still GRADUATE
  • Purchase the class here!
  • GRADUATING means you can take this course for FREE as often as you like then continue your Tango education with the ATG Graduate Level Courses (below).


ATG-Graduate Level Courses, pre-requisite is successful completion of AT-01.
$75 per person/course

You are ready to continue your Tango Education, and we are THRILLED to have you. We have so much to share with you! Tango is a dance you can think about and feel…we can figure out the engineering of the connection and marvel at the mystery of it too. We look forward to investigating the possibilities with you.

The ATG-Graduate Level Courses have ongoing themes. You can start at anytime, their numbers do not denote a sequential order. They are timed to start the week after you graduate from AT-01… so you can keep on dancing! Here are some FAQs.

  • SHOW UP FOR ALL CLASSES… there are only 4 of them and they build on one another
  • Purchase the class here!

THURSDAY TANGO CLINIC with Guest Instructors

ATG-C01 our only Drop-In-Able Class! Its pre-requisite is successful completion of AT-01.
$20 and includes practica that follows, just Practica is $10.
THURSDAYS Clinic @ 7:30pm and Practica @ 8:30pm.

Schedule HERE.

Thursdays are like Friday every week at Sangha Space Tango. We have so much FUN! It starts with a Tango Clinic that focuses on a new theme each week and is followed by our Practica with a total of 3 hours of practice time! This class is designed for dancers who have completed a beginners course (maybe even our beginner course!) and you must know how to lead and follow the basics in order to take the clinic.

  • Pay at the Door, $20
  • Purchase an 8-Class Card for only $120 making each Clinic $15
  • Purchase the class here!
  • Practica is ONLY $10, skip the class if you must,  but dance with us all night
  • For more information including our guest instructors click HERE.


Work privately with one of our awesome staff instructors! Only $25 for 30 minutes. 9pm or 9:30pm on Thursdays!. Check out the rest of Thursday’s schedule HERE. Our staff is amazing. Full of kindness and compassion, technique and connection and the desire to dance with everyone… you will love working with them one-on-one. Tango Tutoring gives you the opportunity to have a 30 minute private tutoring session during practica for only $25.