Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a little nervous coming along because I’m so new to [Tango music/drop-in bands/pick-up orchestras/Tango JaM]!


Is there a way that I can prepare for the Tango JaM?

The JaM itself is just that – a jam session. We’re very laid-back. To get a leg-up on our Tango JaM happenings, though, you can take a look at the sheet music for our most frequently played songs:

Current Song List

  • 9 de Julio
  • El Choclo
  • Corazon de Oro (arrangement 1 – includes piano introduction)
  • Corazon de Oro (arrangement 2 – includes additional harmony part)
  • La Cumparisita
  • El Flete
  • A La Gran Muneca
  • Malena
  • Cordobesita
  • Palomita Blanca
  • Poema
  • Romance de Barrio

Eran Magen, the Philadelphia Tango JaM’s founder, created websites to make our tango music accessible to you! For ease of ‘Tango JaM’-ming, it may be best to print all of the music sheets for your instrument’s key and place them in a binder. Then you’ll have it all, always!

You can also find other free tango music downloads from and
We may pull some sheets from these sites, too, so keep those links handy!

I play a [mandolin/tuba/didgeridoo/washboard/whatever] – can I come?


I'm a [novice/amateur/professional/genius/insecure] musician – can I come?


I never [played/heard/danced/saw/heard of] Argentine Tango before – can I come?


What happens in the JaM?

We practice and have fun! We start by going over the songs’ basic melodies, and then we improvise around them. People are also welcome to come to the studio while we JaM it out!

An email blast is sent to the musicians on our mailing list, which has the evening’s tentative playlist (about 3 or 4 tango songs).

Do we play for dancers?

The JaM itself (6-8pm) is just for us – and anybody who wanders in to listen. If we feel good about the songs we were playing, we’ll often play during the milonga later that night, usually around 10:30 PM, as The People’s Tango Orchestra. There’s no obligation to stay for this later performance, but we’d love to have you 🙂

Where does all this happen?

At Sangha Space! Directions here!