Grow-Yoga Classes

Through Grow-Yoga®, we set a foundation, find movement and work together to create a constantly evolving movement practice that builds connection and community. Grow-Yoga® draws from movement arts to find new ways to deepen our relationship to ourselves, to our practices and to others.


Taking yoga off the mat, Grow-Yoga® brings awareness of our dynamic movement practices into our daily lives, while supporting a collaborative consciousness of self by integrating body-mind-spirit.



Mondays6:00 PMJackelyn Maloney
7:30pmGabi and Jackie
Tuesdays6:00 PMChris Welc
Wednesdays10:00 AMChris Welc
6:00 PMGabrielle LeBlanc
Thursdays6:00 PMGabrielle LeBlanc
Saturdays10:00 AMChris Welc
Sundays10:00 AMGabrielle LeBlanc
11:30 AMGabrielle LeBlanc
    Grow-Yoga® includes:

  • How to Find Your Natural Spine
  • How to Transport Your Elegant Torso®
  • Biotensegrity (Integrated Anatomy of Movement
  • The Kinesthetic Mirror®
  • The Art of Self-Care
  • Practical Mindfulness
  • The Body’s Language
  • The Skill of Evolutionary Surrender
  • Polarity as an Energetic Guidemap

IMG_2781-300x300Grow-Yoga® is developed by Lori Coyle and Pamela Lee. With collectively over 35 years of research into movement arts and embodied integration practices, Artist-Teachers Lori Coyle and Pamela Lee offer the deepest parts of their creativity as a way for you to discover and explore deeper parts of yourself and join our expanding and playful think-tank of movement, mindfulness and embodied liberation. Pamela has a Masters degree in Art and over 500 hours of yoga training in various styles and has been teaching yoga asana and mindfulness through Chinese Tea Ceremony for ten years. She has been dancing Tango for two. Lori, MED, transferred her teaching skills from the classrooms of public education and higher education to the dance floor; teaching people of all ages how to “transport their elegant torso” at Sangha Space since 2004. She has studied and practiced yoga since 1995.



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