Hope for the Flowers

We can draw inspiration from the tiniest of friends, in this case caterpillars, and their small story can make a big impact.

In “Hope for the Flowers”, the main character is a little caterpillar. His instinct to climb leads him to follow the crowd. He then meets a lady caterpillar that changes his mind and leads him down a different path, but his instinct to climb pulls him back to his old ways. The lady caterpillar loves him so much that even when she follows the path to become a butterfly, she goes back to find her love and lead him down the right path.

This beautiful metaphor for relationships taught me, that even when you love someone, sometimes you have to follow your own path.

In the book, the two caterpillars end up together but that might not be the case for all caterpillar relationships and that’s okay.

In the end, whether you are a caterpillar or not, this book provides a good insight to life.

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