How I Came for Yoga and Gained Tango Instead

What do you do when you are new to an already established community and are trying to become a member of it? Join everything you can. When I was given the opportunity to take tango lessons, I (in typical slow fashion) jumped on the chance. After all, learning dance has been on my top three things to learn list since high school but seemed rather unobtainable with my lack of rhythm and grace.


I left my first class feeling pure joy. I may have only swayed back and forth a whole lot with a little bit of walking parallel but I was doing it. The physical actions I was performing were not complex yet it took intentional thought to make these movements happen; my mind-body connection was beginning to align. I could not stop smiling my entire drive home.


This new, obtainable dance requires me to be in the present and stay focused, two things I have been struggling with as of late. Without being present, it is hard to gain connection with my partner. Without connection, focus and intentions are lost. With lost intentions comes a jumbled dance which just cannot exist when I have a drive to do well. Fortunately, tango rarely allows for other thoughts to intrude when I am busy remembering to stand up straight, stay grounded, chin up, elongate the belly, move feet softly, hold arms taught, breathe,


Slow Down. Focus.

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