I can do the molinete.

I was taught Molinetes in three separate tango classes this week. Two of the them were  taught by the same instructor but the students in the classes were from different communities (one was solely comprised of college students, the other was an all-ages group at the studio). The other class was taught to a college tango class by a different instructor. With all this learning, practice, and work into the molinetes in one week, I like to think I have mastered the art of dizzy-making! 

Near the end of the week though, I realized something pretty cool. The molinetes don’t have to be frustrating, difficult, or even these crazy spins that only real performers can do. I can do the molinete. Why? Because I have all the skills, have been taught all the technique, steps, and movement. We covered it all in the 10 week series course at Sangha Space. When you break the molinete down, it’s comprised of things you already know. 

Which, I’m discovering, is like life. I know I encounter so many things that I think I am in no way prepared for. I so desperately wish there was a “how-to date” book. Or a “how to deal with crazy family members” book. Or a “how to pay rent online” book. Or “how to be a country girl navigating through a big city like a city girl.” Or maybe even a video tutorial with excessive amounts of clip-art to teach me “how to solve ALL PROBLEMS”. I dream big, ok? It’s funny though, because not so late after I wish for the “how-to” or the bright neon sign to tell me what to do next or how to proceed, I realize that there is usually this experience earlier on in my life that has prepared me for the moment I am in now. I am ok. I’m safe. I can identify what I know about the moment and what I can do with that moment. It’s not so bad once I realize that. Granted… freak outs still happen and panic or anxiety sets in. They don’t have to though. I can take a deep breath. There’s no rush. 

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