I can’t find a community like ours anywhere else.

At the beginning of this summer, one of my tango goals was to travel and experience different places and communities through tango. Although the summer is not over, I’ve noticed a few things that set our beloved community apart from everywhere else I have been.

One of my consistent observations is that our community stands with such wonderful, confident, tango posture even when we are not in an embrace or dancing. In other places, I see a lot of crossed arms and jutted out hips. Or contracted torsos.

I recognize that this next observation may have more personal emotions tied to it but I like to think that it is a general observation as well….our community at Sangha Space is the most welcoming, friendly, humorous, and safe place to come to for the first time. I’m also discovering that the more I travel, the more relieved I am to come home. I can’t find a community like ours anywhere else. No one compares to what goodness we have here 🙂

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