I feel GREAT!

27 April 2014

Hello, world! Today I feel… great. Yes, GREAT! In fact, this whole past week has been a real treat.

Now, before it seems like I’m bragging about my extraordinary life, let me say this: I did nothing special or out of the ordinary this week. I didn’t have a break from my (at-times) emotionally-draining job, or from cleaning, or cooking, or doing laundry, or from being a devoted friend/daughter/sister/girlfriend. I still had to answer an unending stream of emails and schedule my every move on an online calendar and write more reports than anyone could really want to read. And I still had to scrub the toilet.

But this week, I didn’t suffer under the weight of the stress that these activities often bring. At Sangha recently, we’ve been working on being playful and being open during yoga practice. At the behest of different instructors, I’ve danced around the studio, thrown my head back and howled at the ceiling, and intentionally put more movement into certain poses. It felt really good to be so open and spontaneous. I didn’t know that any of these cues were coming when I showed up at the studio, but I just let go and gave these activities a try.

I think these experiences may have primed me to be more open to the unknown off my mat, as well. I had a feeling of being just a little bit lighter and a little more open to whatever life was throwing my way. I’ve been able to observe challenges, being more attentive to whatever feelings come up because of them. But then, I’m able to respect those feelings and choose what response I want to give. It is empowering to make that choice consciously.

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