… I was loving every moment of this experience like crazy.

I was paddleboarding this week and I had one of those “LIFE IS AWESOME!!!” feelings.
I got up on the paddleboard and planned on only making it a quick ride….but 2 mins in decided to follow the impulse and go all around the whole lake. Little bit crazy? Yeah. That’s precisely what I did. The whole thing! Starting point and ending point the same. It took about an hour and a half.
I stopped in the middle of the lower lake, where boats can’t make a wake. Nobody was out swimming or fishing or passing by and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky.
So, it only seemed fitting to lay my paddle down and do some yoga. Right there on the paddleboard. In the middle of this reflecting pool of glass. Beginning with some sun salutations of course 🙂
The whole time I kept saying (out loud and in my head, haha), “This is amazing! I love this! Check out the water! All the fish are jumping! My body feels awesome! I am doing this! And I think I’m good at it! I feel incredible!” It was a little ridiculous but I was loving every moment of this experience like crazy.
I came home and was reading Lululemon’s blog and this little excerpt stuck out to me:
“As athletes, yogis, and dancers, we all have a moment when we realize that our practice is our connection to something bigger than ourselves. This greater idea of community also provides a connection to something that lives within us, and a new responsibility to honour it……We are peeling something very physical and mental away to tap into the core of our spiritual being. We pray through our pores, period.”
Where is this connection for you? Is it in your tango experience? Your yoga practice? Your prayer life? Something else entirely?

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