“In the real world, you can’t get penny candy at the lake store every night of the week!”

I spent this past week on a tiny lake, in a tiny cottage, far, far away. Sounds fairytale-esque, right? There is no internet, washer/dryer, shower, indoor bathroom, or tv….still similar to a fairytale.

I love this getaway place. For many reasons! And it does feel like a happy place where birds sing and eagles soar and the moon reflects brightly across the lake. It’s my utopia.

My mother grew up here. It was her summer house. It’s old and the foundation itself is completely off-kilter. Your food on your plate always shifts to one side. The cracks in the boards that count as walls have no layers or insulation….so a crack lets a lot of light shine through. These cracks in the walls also let a lot of mischief happen when you are little and eavesdropping like any growing kid would do.

This cottage was an adventure. It was full of discoveries and things unknown.

To me, it is perfect. Nearly falling apart, but perfect.

But this utopia was a little bit shattered this week. My Dad came to visit and remarked that he can’t come here because he can’t get his work done….there’s no service, there’s no internet, and there’s nothing to do. You can’t get things done here.

It’s funny how different a world can be to two sets of eyes, ears, bodies, and minds.

This cottage is a place to leave the real world and throw a big “hakuna matata” out the window as you arrive. Stress can be gone. If you want it to. Stress can come. If you invite it to.

My mom often jokes, while at the cottage, about “the real world”. She’ll say, “In the real world….it’s 100 degrees!” At the lake, it’s much cooler. “In the real world,…you have bills to pay and deadlines to make!” “In the real world, you can’t get penny candy at the lake store every night of the week!”

The world you see outside of you is only a reflection of what you see inside of you. So I wonder what that means for tango? What worlds do people see through their tango eyes, bodies, and minds?


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