It can be fixed

I am an incredible optimist. The great thing about this is that I am calm, cool, and collected in the moment when things go haywire. My laptop crashed this week and I did not scream, or yell, or panic.* I got up, grabbed my keys and my purse, and headed to tango instead of worrying about it. My laptop did cheerfully reboot with attempt #1, as if to say “gotcha!” (that smartass).

Yes, this was an opportunity for a lot of stress to happen in just a quick moment… or you can call it a perfect cue for an emotional breakdown. It wasn’t because it didn’t have to be. It could be fixed. Whatever the issue, it could be fixed. Maybe not in the way that I expected or desired, but it could be. Maybe I would have to get a whole new laptop. But hey, whaddyaknow,…that’s still a fix!

In tango, everything can be fixed. There’s no mistakes. (Short of falling down or causing bleeding to occur, as Lori said in class once) If you mess up as a leader or follower, there is always something that that “oops” movement can be changed into. Oh, that was just a pivot and not an entire back ocho? No big deal. We can do back ochos. If you make a mistake, I promise you that everything will be ok. The world will still go round! The sun will still rise and set! You will still meet the man or woman of your dreams!

Little Life Lesson: I know sometimes we get wrapped up in the “bad” of the situation and it’s not easy to see the “good” but I bet you, if you change your focus (just like you change your movement), the “good” in the situation might just be waving obnoxiously at you. Then, once you’ve spotted it, it will probably demonstrate a little bit of attitude with its hands on its hips, mumbling, “’bout frikin’ time!” 🙂

*Disclaimer: I do not always handle situations like this with such grace. Just bein’ real.

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