“…it is always a process that is in progress. Tango, faith, life….I am always learning.”

So I’m going to get personal for a hot sec in this week’s blog. You ready?

I am confused about my faith. I’ve been raised going to church and I’ve read and studied the text. My home church is the bomb…we have a cafe and a grille (because everybody knows food and church go so well together. If you haven’t experienced this….I’m sorry. You might be missing out. The communion wafer doesn’t count.) I’m a dancer and a theatre geek.

My passions and my faith don’t always align with one another.
There’s a lot that I’ve just done and believed because someone told me to do so. What does that mean? WHY do I do it? What do I do with it? Will I ever get the answers? Is that even the point?

I’ll tell you what I do know.
–The purpose and plan of the whole Bible makes sense to me. I understand the ways it can be hard to comprehend, but to me…it just clicks.
–I absolutely, totally, without a doubt do not have all the answers.
–One of the many things tango has taught me about my faith is that following is not a passive thing. It is a verb. It is active. It is a relationship.
–Through tango, I have learned how to be a better listener, how to pay closer attention, how to move in the direction I feel directed to, and how to simply be in relationships with others.

So what it comes down to, and the reason why I’m sharing my experience here, is that it is always a process that is in progress. Tango, faith, life….I am always learning. And ya know, right when I think I’ve become some super spectacular expert…I’m introduced to something completely new, unheard of, or a whole different perspective and approach. It’s life. How does your faith and/or tango help you in your relationships with others? Cause that’s the point, right? People need people. And What do you take out of it? What do you learn from it? What sticks out to you?
Now go mull over that and lemme know how your experience is 🙂 I think confusion is part of the process.

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