It takes two to tango!

I think, far too often, we want something else to change, instead of allowing ourselves to change.

When something isn’t working, when our partner isn’t doing what we want them to do, when we keep stepping on others’ feet/getting our feet stepped on, we think that of course it is the other person’s fault. They’re not doing what we want them to! They’re not listening to what I’m telling them! Well, are we telling them clearly? Are we caring about them with every movement? Are we treating them like special, important human beings? Is it about ‘they’ and ‘you’ rather than ‘we’?

Whenever you think that you and your partner aren’t “getting it”, one way to help each other is by asking, “I feel like we lost our connection. How can we change that?” This is an opportunity that invites both of you to focus your attention on one another and really listen to what you are trying to tell each other.

You both are in this moment together. Allow yourself to be in the moment. As they say, it takes two to tango!

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