It’s one of my favorite things to do…

It’s one of my favorite things to do at the studio…to sit and watch everyone dance. And laugh. And connect. And come and go. There are just so many smiles in this place! It’s amazing!

What does that?! How is this happening in such abundance? Is it because of tango? We all have tango in common but is that really why we come?

When I sit and watch everyone interact, I would bet you that we come to this beloved space for more than just this dance. The reason may range from person to person. One woman may be here to share her life. One individual might come for therapy. Another may come to gain confidence. One man may come to find comfort in an embrace after a rough divorce. Some of us are merely here for the food 😉

Call it a stretch but I think we come for love. The Greeks have more than one word for love…they have a word for each different kind of love one can experience. (The English language needs to get on top of that…it would clarify things a great deal!) I think that each of us is seeking love in a different, distinct, and completely unique way. The tango is simply a way for that love to be embraced.

Then…the rest is just love’s journey.

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