Jenn’s Meditation Update

A yoga instructor told a class I was in once that yoga is full of a lot of words and cues and things that often seem not to make sense . She assured the class to just listen and when we were ready they would all make make perfect sense. This stuck with me for some reason and I think it is true….there are still many cues I don’t understand but the better understanding you have of the basics of a pose the more you can wrap your brain around the subtle cues that teachers often use (ex: Scissor your legs toward one another is one I love) and see that they really make a difference in a pose.

I think about this statement often and it applies to so many things. Basically, when you swallow a whole bunch of information at once just keep on going and eventually it will all click.

So I think my meditation practice is making tiny little baby steps toward clicking. I am not saying that I sit on my mat and zen out for hours ( I am slowly making my way toward 20 minutes) but I find myself looking forward to sitting in meditation each day. I have written about meditation before and my challenges with it. I used to not like the idea of sitting in silence with my own breath . I though that guided meditations were what I preferred, but sometimes I would get hung up on the things they would say and just lose focus. A few weeks ago I was doing a guided meditation and the man was explaining how if the mind starts to wander to bring it back. Like training a puppy. OK. With you so far. Yes. Then he says “No need to beat the puppy if it doesn’t stay”…and I just lost focus. I get the point he was making but still. It was around this time that a friend of mine mentioned that there was a timer chime meditation app that I could download. Of course. There is an app for everything. Well, this app is totally where it is at!! They offer guided meditations and just a timer that you can set to whatever time you want and then lovely chimes bring you in and out of mediation! I started to sit for five minutes, then ten and now I am up to 18. Such a simple thing and it made a world of difference. I also have the most comfortable cushion ever thanks to a gift from a friend. It is super cushy and allows me sit with ease. I use a mantra right now when I sit. It really helps focus me. And, yes my mind totally wanders. I wanders here and there and everywhere. But I just bring it back and bring it back and bring it back. I am excited about my mediation practice and all the things it can open up to me. I like that I can feel it is starting to become a habit. I hope that continues. The app and the cushion and the mantra are all things that help. Yet, I really know that the reason I am beginning to really connect with mediation now is because It is time for me to do that. I am ready:)


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