… “just walking” in front of one another suddenly yields some really funky movement

In tango, I’ve noticed that the exercise of “just walking” in front of one another suddenly yields some really funky movement. Like, duck walks and minor spasms and quite hilarious overreaching steps or incredibly tiny ones. We walk everyday. Each of us may walk a little bit different with different posture but we all walk. And then when we slap a person in front of us and we’re told to “just walk”….it’s a daunting task. We don’t know how to do it! We walk every damn day but in that moment, it’s like we’re re-learning how. It’s like we’re not trusting the floor to be there in the next step. Like it’s an Indiana Jones moment and we don’t want to take the next step because the floor is invisible! (Props to you if you can name that movie)
I wonder what it would look like if we really connected to the floor even after we stood like tango dancers in our zippered up positions? We connect to the floor so well in that moment….let’s take it further. Let’s try to stay connected to the floor when we extend to the next step. Then stay connected to the floor when we change weight. And STILL stay connected when we collect.
Hmmm. Tango isn’t just about the steps then is it? Sure, the steps are fancy. And yeah, ok, those really cool and captivating leg wraps….I wanna DO THOSE! But I don’t think that they look or feel near as nice if the connection to the floor isn’t there. You have to firm your foundation before you move. You have to be able to say, “Ok, I know exactly where I’m standing and my axis is sturdy.” I think that, while the connection to yourself and your partner is very vital, the connection to the floor is such a helpful starting point. Especially if you’re experiencing some wobbly balance. Try it. See how it feels.

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