Let it Snow!


Mother Nature gave us a beautiful gift this weekend! The Blizzard of 2016 came with all the hysteria a winter storm creates, causing many to scurry to markets to buy the usual milk, eggs and bread. While some were searching for rock salt aimlessly, others searched for provisions to ensure an easier dig out. I must admit, I did my fair share of preparation shopping.

A snow storm like this can be an amazing delight if you plan for it. In my family we have three areas we cover so we can play like children, eat in comfort and relax in whatever way we so desire.

  • First and foremost: Outdoor play is mandatory. It requires some essentials such as gloves, hats, warm boots, etc. Then there is also the optional fun stuff such as: sleds, snow boards (and in our case this weekend- left over inner tubes from summer at the pool that sent us soaring). Some folks were using trashcan lids. If you don’t possess any of these items, great creative! Enlist your neighbors too, the more the merrier in snow play and you can all share your snow toys. No supplies are needed to get a great snowball fight going. So make sure you get out there and play with someone! It’s the perfect way to connect!
  • Comfort food is excused on snow days! Make sure you have your essentials handy so you can snack as needed. I did the DELCO Acme trip before the storm on Friday night, and boy was it crazy but well worth it! We have been indulging in grilled cheeses, mac and cheese, and cups of coco for some, coffee for others.
  • Relaxing is defined differently by all! Snow storms are the perfect chance to do what you love. Indulge in a warm bath, cuddle up with your favorite book, watch movies or catch up on your reality TV, play a game of cards, sip on some red or a toddy of your choice. Be kind to yourself and take the opportunity to admire the beauty surrounding you!

Our lives are so busy these days that often guilt is associated with slowing down and enjoying the present moment. I am so thankful this blizzard came and gave me the chance to reconnect with myself and my family. I have created memories that will last a lifetime. The next time you hear about an impending storm, embrace the possibilities it has to offer and plan for it!

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