Meet Andi!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Andi and I am a new yoga intern at Sangha Space.  I am new to both yoga and blogging, so I am excited to develop and grow in both areas. A little about me: I am very outdoorsy and love being around water. On the weekends you can find me on a boat, at the beach, on the Chesapeake, or at a lake. I love trying new things and meeting new people, and would rather try something new and fail rather than not try it at all.  I went to Penn State as an undergraduate and studied Elementary Education and minored in Special Education.  I am a huge Penn State fan and go to as many Penn State football games as I can.  I recently finished my master’s in Exceptional Children and Youth with a focus on Autism and Severe Disabilities at University of Delaware.  When I am not doing some type of outdoor activity or working on school-work, you can find me reading, cooking, or getting together with friends.

So Why Yoga?

I initially started yoga because my close friend (Kim, another of the Sangha Space interns) recommended that I try.  I had done yoga a few times before on vacation, but never really “got it.”  On vacation, I was did yoga on a beautiful beach at sunrise and though it was an awesome experience, it never occurred to me to try yoga in a studio.   I, along with many others, thought it was “just stretching and breathing” and never truly understood the numerous benefits that yoga has already brought into my life.

In addition to my initial push to take a yoga class, I have fond many personal benefits that have kept me coming back for more.  Many of the benefits have to do with the fitness aspect of yoga.  I, like many others, work hard to try to find motivating workouts.  I used to be a swimmer and need the team or positive peer pressure aspect, as well as a fun and interesting activity, to want to workout.  I have found this type of positive peer pressure and team/ community environment at Sangha Space.  I love doing partner activities because they push me to strive and achieve more than I could on my own.

I am also very clumsy and have poor balance.  Because of my lack of body awareness and control, I find myself constantly getting hurt or running into things in my everyday life.  Yoga has helped me to take time to become more aware of my body, my movements, and how to better control and be more aware of myself.  This has begun to transfer into my daily activities.  I have also recently taken up mountain biking and found that what holds me back the most is my lack of balance.  I have notice improvements already in these areas and hope to continue to grow and develop.

In addition to the physical benefits that yoga has to offer, I have also seen and hope to continue to gain many mental benefits.  I recently finished my masters and have been looking for jobs.  I started attending yoga classes when I could during the second half of my final semester.  Yoga provided me with “me time” as well as energy upon leaving the studio that Kim and I have decided must be some kind of magic or caffeine that is pumped into the air at Sangha Space.  This physical and mental energy that I gain during and after each session can completely turn my day around and provide me with the motivation to tackle even the most excruciating of projects, papers, and applications.

I also have many goals that I hope to work toward and achieve by practicing yoga.   The first is become apart of the Sangha Space community.  I love meeting new people and forming bonds and connections.  I hope to learn at least 2 new names or 2 new things about someone each time I come to the studio.  Another of my goals is to improve on the physical side of yoga so that I can get better at the mental side.  Some sessions I feel that I am working so hard physically, that I have trouble remembering to breathe, clear my mind, focus on a topic or theme, etc.   I am only going to highlight two of my more immediate goals today, but I am sure that many more will come as I grow and develop as  yoga student.  I have discovered many other blog topics while writing today and am excited to explore both yoga and blogging further!

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