Milonga Time

I learned A LOT this week! Get ready….

I danced with this wonderful man named J at the Tango Hop this past Saturday. He literally connects with every part of his body and that makes him a really solid lead. For this reason, it was easy for me to dance milongas with him. I’ve had difficulty with milongas and have avoided them sometimes, mostly out of concern for my feet getting stepped on right now (I have some not so cute or funny issues)…but also because the milongas are so fast! R purposefully snagged me for a tanda of milongas and I learned that the steps are tinier and to not use my long legs to their full stride.

One of the first lessons I learned about tango in a Cultural
Anthropology course last year was that the follow cannot anticipate the lead’s desires. This means stop guessing what will be next! Let the lead….lead. Go figure. But alas, easier said than done. One of the ways you can do this is to dance each step with creative joy. If you mess up, so what? You take a moment, re-collect (your zippered up position), re-connect with your 5 points of connection (yourself, your partner, the floor, the music, the space), and just breathe. The world will still turn, you will survive, you will meet the man/woman of your dreams….the world will not end! J

Little Life Note of the week: You cannot judge anyone until you have danced with them. Similar to “you can’t judge a person til you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. They might look really advanced, they might look like a complete newbie, but you could have either an amazing connection or terrible connection in both situations. You never know until you dance together.

There’s so much more I don’t have room to include, so catch me in
class or at the Thursday night practica. And tell me what you’re
learning, too!

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