Mindful to Your Body

the-body-keeps-the-scoreIn The Body Keeps the Score, they talked about situations about people who went through trauma and lost their sensations and had to do extreme things to their body to feel alive. In the same time, they might desperately crave human touch but also are terrified of it. When people lose their body, they lose their sense of being, and that’s very dangerous. In therapeutic world, working from both directions would be beneficial. This topic reminds me, even for people who are not going through huge mental disorders, building healthy body and mind connection is still important.

There is something I learned about tango, the more anxious or frustrated I get when I am learning a new and difficult move, or trying to practice a new move, the further I get from achieving it. I remember those moments when I tried too hard to follow and totally went somewhere that the leader didn’t expect, or when I tried to try to lead something without confidence and turned out dragging my follower around, and those moments have “disconnection” written all over, not just disconnection with my partner, but with my own sensation. I was not aware what steps I took or how tight my arms were at all. And the best solution for me so far is to just take a few deep breaths and become mindful of my own body again.

This would be an example that in a stressful situation we could be so overwhelmed by our emotions that we totally lose connection with our body and lose our sensation temporarily. In our everyday life, there are a lot of moments where we are not being mindful at all. I remember there was a video, maybe a Ted talk video, discussing how we value our brainwork so much nowadays and ignore our body. In the video, the lecturer was walking funny to show what if our head is bigger and heavier on a weak body. That exactly spoke the truth of the education I went through which really focus on the training of some subjects but ignore our PE class. Now I am more aware of this body and mind connection, but I still find it very hard to live up to it and attend my body in a better way. I did find the practice of mindfulness help. Once I attended a workshop about eating mindfully and during the process I realized I would definitely eat better and heathier when I am doing mindful eating and when I am aware the food I eat actually will become part of my body.

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