So there’s this woman that you may know at Sangha Space…or at least you may know of her. She is the wizard. The woman behind the curtain. Figuratively and literally. She makes magic in the form of THE banana bread. The bread that bakes in the kitchen during class and when she goes back to check on it periodically the smell ACTUALLY WAFTS into the large space of the studio? You know, that bread that you take one slice of and immediately know you want another slice…but you don’t want to appear greedy.

Sooooo you turn on your doplar radar and, while no one is around that enchanting and delightful freshly baked bread, your sneaky and covert ninja skills score you a second slice. Mmmmm….heaven.

Well, I’m spilling her secret. She bakes it with joy, love, and kindness. That’s kind of Hallmark-y, I know, but it gets the point across. Just thank her when you get the chance. Because that bread is just too damn good to eat and NOT compliment the chef on. Oh, and then ask her for a dance.

(I know this one isn’t a personal reflection but this week I realized that it’s not just D that plays a role in the community. That bread does too. Luckily, we all dance it off. Otherwise, that bread may just be our pleasurable demise into “fluffier” body shapes. Just sayin’.)

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