My dreams are vivid. My dreams are deeply rooted in adventurous exploration. In my dreams I can speak my broken Spanish and actually get my point across; I could probably speak any language and even the silent, solemn trees would nod in agreement.

Tourism seems absurd, when I can travel the world in my sleep. No waiting in lines, burning carbon to take a plane ride. If I can imagine it, I can go anywhere, any time. In the morning I jot down an account of my colorful journey, in the travel log I have made for my sleep-self.

I understand now why lucidity in the unconscious state is alluring. It is a dimension in which you are free! The computer can try to entertain a person with video games, role-player-games, Second Life, and more, but every one of these fictions carry so many limits. Dreams have no limit. I can go to space, answer the questions deep within my soul, spend time with the dead, without limitations or hindrances.

There was a time when I didn’t fully appreciate sleep. Over time, sleep has become an invaluable state of meditation that I am privileged to practice every single night. I look forward to it, and wake up every morning feeling awed and comforted by my mind’s freedom. Sometimes I even find myself daydreaming about my nightdreaming!

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