Harumph. This is a love/hate relationship for me.

When something is my idea, my choice, or my passion, my motivation exceeds expectations and I am in it to win it! No problems.

But when it’s something I know I should do, or someone tells me I should do it, or I’m overwhelmed, or I generally dislike (i.e. loathe) the task…..motivation is incredibly feeble. This is usually the point where I waste many potentially productive minutes thinking of all the ways I could solve my problems/complete my responsibilities if I was Hermione Granger.Or Superman. Or the Mentalist. Or a vampire that moves at superspeeds. If only.

Tango is easy. Tango, I love. I don’t have to pretend with tango. I can be tired, happy, sad, humorous, playful, or lonely. With work, I have to be ready, peppy, energetic, and engaging. With some tasks I have to sit down and think and type and organize….when all I want to do is move. When I am unmotivated, I realize that I usually want to do the exact opposite of what the task at hand requires. That’s exhausting sometimes. How in the world can I transfer my motivation in tango to any other task I have set in front of me off the dance floor?!

This is all I’ve got so far this week: 1 hour of work, then 2 scoops of froyo.

Seems to be working ok.

…Until my motivation, while eating froyo, gets the best of me and the bowl is empty before I realize it.


If you have a really good method/theory/solution, please share. We can discuss over froyo…..pistachio and espresso flavored with reeeses cups and raspberries and lucky charms marshmallows and those little strawberry boba things…..

Actually, can you just inbox me your thoughts? Gotta go place an order.

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