Movement is an international body language.

The more I dance tango, the more I understand about people.

Myself included.

I understand more about communication. Movement is an international body language. Of course, it differs in some ways depending on where you go.  The neat thing is that I have this whole new language that I can communicate through and understand. It has contributed in amazing ways to building on my connections with anyone I meet or already know. It has challenged me to be patient with myself as I learn new things and interpret how I feel.

The most beautiful part of this is that I’ve discovered that understanding deepens on cooperation. If I strive to understand someone, I have to cooperate with them. I have to be working together with another person or another group toward the same learning goal. My understanding of another person is going to reach a severed end if I am only trying to understand them for a personal goal and then move on. If that’s the case, what the hell kind of relationships am I cultivating? What sort of compassion am I being an example of?

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