My Perfect Tango Playlist

Borges y Paraguay – Bajofondo

I chose this song because it’s a tango song and it is modern.

Dancers will like it because it’s new not same old traditional.

This song makes you feel like a tango dancer because it is tango music but isn’t a 50 year old recording. It has several swells and calms you can play with while you dance. Perfect for the next generation in tango dancing.

Mil pasos – Soha

Chosen because its a slow milonga so people new to milonga can get a feel for it.

Its a tango song and and dancing you have a cool Latin feel. Also the song has two parts, the verse and chorus, that feel very different so you can find some cool dynamics dancing back and forth between them.

Another love – Tom Odell

I chose to his because its modern pop music so people might know it,

The lyrics are typical of a tango song but it’s in English, and it has a huge swell where you can find big movements and then a slow calm for smaller, slower movements. All over the song is great for using different vocabulary.

Bourbon Street – Jeff Touhy

I chose this because its not tango music. It had a southern jazz feel that makes you feel like you’re in new Orleans. It definitely proves to dancers you can dance to any kind of music. It’s also very beat driven with lots of changes which is great for playing with vocabulary and rates of dancing.

Sur O No Sur – Kevin Johanson

I chose Sur O No Sur because its a tango song, not traditional so dancers get more modern music to dance to. Though it stays at a faster pace, it has great dynamics and changes, great for people working on musicality.

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