New Moon Gathering – You won’t believe the bonds that are created!

Since January, our wonderful yoga teacher, Jenna, celebrates the new moon and sisterhood.  Each month, on a Friday around the time of the new moon a group of women come together to share, listen, laugh, eat, drink, and bond; a gathering of women based on kindness, acceptance, and compassion.

“The new moon gathering is an age old tradition that dates back to a time when we lived by & honored the earth’s natural rhythms. It is a time to remember the sacred, and the power of creation found within nature, & within our own bodies. When the moon is void it holds the infinite possibility of creation. Therefore, it is an optimal time to reflect on the past & present, & set an intention for the future. It’s a time to connect with a like-minded community of women. We come together to connect with each other, reflect on the current astrological conditions, and set a personal intention for the month ahead. The gathering may include art, movement, storytelling, or guided meditation”.

This gathering has become not only a constant in my monthly social calendar, but something I really regard as a learning experience and a beautiful sisterhood.  These women who come together all have something valuable to offer.   Whether it’s hearing about how women are perceived in society, or learning about the masculine and feminine energies and the result when they are imbalanced, or simply reading about loving our inner mermaid; every time I leave there feeling gratified and content.

The gathering always starts with a sage cleansing to clear the air and let go of something that has been bothering us.  Always in a circle of yoga mats, with candles burning in the middle of our food and wine, the sage gets passed around the circle and ourselves, and it immediately sets the tone of the evening.  Once again, we go around the circle to say our name and what it means to be a woman, or something we have read or heard about women.  This is always the time to learn from all the beautiful souls gathered there, all coming together from different backgrounds and life experiences, yet all with the same interest-how to be the best woman we are meant to be.  After our sharing, Jenna always has a theme of the month which is usually based on what is going on astrologically that month.  Sometimes we read, other times we do a craft and activity, but always we learn, support, trust, and love.  When our time comes to an end, we pass around an oil, place it on our body where we may need it the most i.e. on our feet for grounding, and set our intention for the month ahead.

Those 90+ minutes, once a month, has impacted my life profoundly.   It gave me the strength to let go of things that do not serve me anymore, remind me of my continued intention of the year, truly appreciate women and how important it is to have a sisterhood, and ultimately uplift my soul.

The New Moon Gathering has come into my life at a time when I have not been able to see my closest friends all that much.  Due to our hectic lives and long miles between us, I have missed those late nights of talking, listening, laughing, supporting, respecting, and loving one another.  Most of those friends have been in my life since highschool (over 20 years ago!) and though the love is still there, the time spent together is not.  Fortunately, I am so blessed that I have a strong, beautiful friendship with my mother and sisters, as well as a large family made up of mostly women, all of whom share an amazing bond together.  I am also so grateful for my dear colleagues who have become amazing friends, as well as all the loving friendships I have made at Sangha Space.  But I was missing those moments of being together with a group of women and discussing what it means to be a woman and how important it is to support each other and value ourselves-until this past January.   The New Moon gathering has given me what I didn’t realize I was longing for-deeper connections with like-minded women.  Some of these women I may never see again, but each and every person has left an imprint in my heart.  I have such appreciation for everyone who has come through those doors on a Friday evening ready to experience sisterhood.

This past Friday, three people had shared it was not what they were expecting, they thought it was  going to be a yoga class.  Jenna warmly responded that it is yoga-it is yoga of the mind and heart.  In that moment, I became instantly full of gratitude of this beautiful journey Sangha Space has taken me on.  My life is more fulfilled more content, more gratifying and more at peace.  Thank You Lori and my Sangha family for this treasured gift.


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