No Fear, No Fun

“No fear, no fun.”  This was the motto of our camping trip to Rickets Glen this past weekend.  While hiking the trails to the various waterfalls we came across many areas where people were jumping from the falls into the deep pools below.  My boyfriend has told me time and time again when he wants me to be brave and try something new: “No fear, no fun.”  This weekend was no exception.  He also shared this motto with our group as we gathered our courage to take the leap into the icy water far below us.  I am happy to say that I survived my 16 and 25 foot jumps and came out of each jump more confident and excited to overcome another challenge.  I felt brave, strong, and powerful after each jump.  Though I am terrified of heights and was shaking before each jump, I had a huge smile on my face when I was able to face my fears and make the leap.

This experience made me think both about the and how it can apply to my yoga practice.  Though I do not fully agree with the message that you aren’t having fun unless you are scared, I know that without the fear of trying something new with my body I will not have the same feeling of accomplishment after.  I am proud of myself when I achieve something I never thought I could do and even more so when I not only do something that I didn’t think that I could do and that I am scared of doing.

I have had many “No fear, no fun” experiences of varying degrees while practicing yoga.  From trying toe grabs to trying arm stands, I have felt nervous to move my body in new ways but exhilarated when I have been able to accomplish more than ever before.  This confidence that I gained with each new step gives me the motivation to hold a pose longer, stretch a little further, bend a little deeper, etc. I remember the small steps I accomplished to help me do my first inversion. The first major step was overcoming my nervousness to be upside-down.  I wouldn’t say that it was a fear, but I was quite nervous the first time I tried to put my forehead on the floor while doing a wide leg standing forward bend.  Though this does not seem like a major feat, the small accomplishment gave me confidence and motivation to continue to bend deeper.  Small accomplishments like this have given me the drive to push myself further and further in my yoga practice. Though some new poses may be scary to me, without overcoming that fear I cannot reach new levels of fun!

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