Now I See the Community

During my first few months of being an intern in Sangha, I didn’t really understand it when people talked about the “community.” I knew that we were a community and should really value the community. But what exactly was this concept of community that we were talking about? There were times when I thought I figured it out.. For example, when I realized that a lot of people at Sangha have overlaps in life outside of Sangha because they live close by. That’s when I thought, maybe this is the community, and I would never really blend in; so it didn’t make sense for me to try too hard to squeeze myself in.

However, as time went by I noticed something that reminded me of my family. It was the beginning of me feeling like, oh, this could be “community.” I noticed that sometimes it takes us forever to actually leave Sangha. After classes we first start talking in the ballroom and kitchen, and then we talk in the water room. Sometimes people talk in smaller groups in different locations. Then we start saying goodbyes. Some of us move to the hallway, only to start talking there. Eventually, the whole group slowly moves down the stairs, talks in the middle of the stairs, and then outside the door During this process, many topics are covered. Goodbyes are said hundreds of times, and many hugs are shared even though we would see each other within 24 hours. Recently, when I was tired and wanted to leave quickly, I had to really make a decision to just leave no matter what. Otherwise, I would have just hung out there for a long, long time. And that is EXACTLY what my grandparents’ house is like. After a big family dinner, it takes us forever to say goodbye and go home, even though we see each other almost every day.

Gradually, I think I am understanding more and more about the community. Or I at least  feel I am part of some community. Grow yoga is one good example. Even though grow yoga appeared to be very weird to me in the beginning, and I resisted it, it is now a part of my life, and I am really enjoying the circle and the spirit. And I grew! I never thought I would be able to do a hand stand and now I can almost do it! This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t feel I was in a safe and caring community. And this wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have different people with different talents, like Gabi. I learned shopping techniques from Karen and Elly, goat yoga and more unicorn knowledge from Liz, French braiding from a really French girl Mona (well I haven’t actually learned it), that people can play many instruments from Lauren, and that one doesn’t have to be a talkative person to be adorable like Chris. And I’ll have Steve for my graduation. We have different people here so there are always exciting things to learn from and grow into.

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