Pack your Yoga-Frame-Of-Mind

26 January 2014

Vacation!: Packing my yoga-frame of mind.

Tonight, I have much to be thankful for. I’m writing this post cozied up next to a hardwood fire looking out the window at beautiful, snow-laden Stowe, VT.

Earlier today, I boarded a shiny red gondola with my freshly tuned pair of skis, so hyped to experience 3 inches of fresh powder on the glistening, tree-lined mountain trails. It was -15 degrees at the summit, but the sun peaked sleepily over the slopes promising a fantastic day of communion with the natural landscape.

Today, I was exhilarated and challenged. I was pumped up on adrenaline and frozen to my core. And now, I have the opportunity to reflect on this stunning experience.

Practicing yoga has helped me to fully enjoy this hard-earned vacation.

There can be a lot to worry about on a ski vacation. Do I have the right gear? Can this car handle the snow? What food should we pack? How much money are we spending? Logistics, logistics, logistics.

But what I’m focusing on is how present I’ve been on this vacation, taking the time to check in with myself, to listen to what my heart is saying. And my yoga practice makes this mindfulness a habit.

I am not on my mat for the majority of my waking hours. But, the practice of being present in the moment extends into all areas of my life. I am drawn to yoga because it addresses my body and mind and spirit. While practicing, I am aware of my thoughts and feelings as well as the position of my body. This collective state of being provides a sense of freedom, and this freedom to experience is extremely beneficial.

Today, I allowed myself to take it all in. I reminded myself that freedom from anxiety can be a choice. I gazed in wonder at the vertical peaks thrust towards the sky, covered in shimmering, white snow and speckled with patches of deep, deep green pine trees. I breathed in the sharp, frigid mountain air, letting it fill my lungs and invigorate my heart.

This kind of mindfulness is what I call my “yoga frame of mind.” Along with my cold weather gear and high energy snacks, I brought this perspective. Applying this yogic approach to my trip helped create the vacation I was genuinely seeking.

Warm wishes for the freedom to relax and unwind,


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